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NPBC Certification Partners

How Do I Become a Partner?
In order to become a community sponsor of the Notary Public Background Check certification, your company must be either a) A signing service, title company or lender, b) A notary/signing agent educational provider, or c) A notary signing agent listing service. To get started, please follow the directions below:


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Sample Notary Public Background Check

Please contact us here to learn more.


If you are a notary education provider, you have two choices for NPBC certification participation:
  1. Integrate Information Stewardship and Security Awareness Training (ISSAT) into your curriculum and then send your students to NPBC for final certification.

    Under this option, you will need to integrate "compliance training" into your curriculum. The aim of this training is to teach or remind notaries public of proper information handling procedures so that third-party Non-Public Personal Information (NPPI) is kept secure while in their care. Generally speaking, all customer information (mortgage documents, etc.) should be treated as NPPI, as well as the information recorded in notary journals in connection with such transactions. The training should include provisions for physical and electronic security practices, proper document handling and destruction.

    If you do not have compliance training materials of your own, as an NPBC sponsor you will have access to community materials as well as input into the ongoing improvement of those materials.

  2. Refer your students to NPBC for compliance training options and final certification.

    NVR will maintain a listing of educational providers that offer an acceptable form of compliance training on the NPBC web site. Under this option, you may refer notary public prospects to the NPBC web site in order to obtain their training from another vendor.


If you are a notary public or signing agent listing service, you are welcome to participate in the NPBC Certification initiative. Setup is easy. Simply provide us with your company name, address, telephone and fax numbers, e-mail address, web site and a description of the services you offer. We will allow the applicant the option of submitting certification results to you for display on your web site. Please contact us here to learn more.

NPBC Partners
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