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Support the Notary Background Check Certification

I am a Notary Signing Agent. What Can I do to Help?

Support the NPBC Certification Initiative
The NPBC Certification sponsors strongly believe that notaries and their employers deserve a choice when it comes to third-party background check certification. By co-sponsoring the Notary Public Background Check (NPBC) certification, we are able to assist title companies in meeting their compliance requirements by facilitating access to a much larger number of qualified signing agents than is otherwise available. For notaries, we are able to offer an affordable certification alternative with typical pricing at $49.00 and notaries public paying little more than the true cost of their certification.

  • The NPBC certification is NOT TIED to membership fees
  • Privacy compliance training is included, either through our partner companies or through NPBC directly
  • The certification can be displayed on MULTIPLE notary listing services, giving you and your clients more freedom

If you recognize the need for and the economic efficiencies of third-party background check certifications and want to support the Notary Public Background Check (NPBC) certification initiative, here are 3 steps you can take:
  1. If you feel that another vendor is out to take your money, you will now have access to a competitive alternative. In other words, you have a CHOICE. Don't be bullied into paying for things you don't need or over-paying for things you do. If you feel someone is trying to take advantage of you, don't even bother to respond.

  2. Tell each title company or signing service you contract with that you support free trade and the NPBC certification initiative.

    Point them to for more information.

    We expect that many listing services will be supporting the NPBC and we are confident that the background check is at least on-par with anything else out there, which would give supporting title companies a significant competitive advantage when it comes to finding the most qualified signing agents in the nation.

    Suggested Wording for Your Letter to Title Companies and Signing Services:

  3. Suggest to each notary listing service, notary education provider, organization or association you are involved with that they support NPBC. After all, it is open to everyone in the spirit of free trade, open competition and freedom of choice.

    Suggested Wording to Notary Signing Agent Educational Providers:


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